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Once Again Hawaii Succulent and Cactus Nursery

Once Again…

is a family owned business in Waimanalo, Hawaii. Primarily a nursery, we specialize in plants from desert and arid conditions: succulents, cactus, and air plants.

Once Again Hawaii repurposed wood plant vessels

Our Belief…

To be environmentally RESPONSIBLE by RECYCLING commonly discarded items such as dishware, glass bottles, and reclaimed wood and REPURPOSING them into planters and gardening vessels.

Once Again Hawaii Succulent Nursery

Our Vision…

In our current lifestyle, career and family activities take precedence over daily pleasures, leaving little to no time for a home garden. Succulents, cactus, and air plants are low maintenance and sustainable, making them conducive to a busy lifestyle. We are committed to helping others learn how to propagate and grow these remarkable plants.

Succulents have become very popular with home gardeners, and as special event accents such as centerpieces and favors. Our nursery is fully equipped to assist you in bringing your garden or event vision to life. Services offered include:

succulent arrangement media - Once Again Hawaii
DIY – Project Assistance

Whether you wish to order a completed project, or would like us to assist you in creating something unique at our workshop, we are happy to help.  Show us a photo, or bring in your own vessels to plant in, we are excitedly waiting to fulfill your project needs!


We provide educational workshops on succulent basics and care. Please see our event schedule for regularly scheduled workshops.


Once Again is committed to educating our youth in effort to enable them in becoming environmentally responsible adults. We offer workshops catered to children and young adults that teach plant care basics as well as the importance of recycling as a means of taking care of our earth.

Once Again Hawaii repurposed Ocean Vodka bottle for succulent arrangement
Event Assistance

Our event specialists make a conscious effort to keep your budget in mind while offering assistance in design and implementation of utilizing our plants as event accents.

+ More information on special events

Once Again Hawaii Succulent Nursery
Foster Care

Plant foster care allows us to assist you in nurturing your plants so that they are healthy and in prime condition for your event! You may leave your plants with us for up to two months prior, at no additional cost, where they will flourish under our expert loving care.

Once Again Hawaii succulent nursery
Continued Care

Care cards are provided with basic care information as well as contact information for Once Again staff members. We are dedicated to assisting you in caring for your plant throughout your plant’s lifespan, and are eager to answer any questions or aid with problems that may arise.

  • Oahu

    Windward Mall Farmer’s Market
    Location: Windward Mall
    Wednesday 2:30 pm till 7 pm; Sunday 9:30 am till 2pm

    Kamakana Ali’i Farmer’s Market
    Location: Kamakana Ali’i
    Wednesday 4 pm till 8pm; Sunday 11 am till 3 pm

    Mililani Farmer’s Market
    Location: Mililani High School
    1st and 3rd Sundays; 8 am till 11 am

    Made in Hawaii Festival
    Produced by the Hawaii Food Industry, the Made in Hawaii Festival is held annually in August and features over 400 vendors specializing in quality goods made exclusively in Hawaii.

  • Maui

    Kaahumanu Mall Farmer’s Market
    Location: Kaahumanu Mall
    Tuesday 9 am till 3 pm

Pop-Ups + Locations

Visit us at any of our pop-ups and events or nurseries to complete your garden.


Visit us on Fridays and Saturdays for various fun workshops at our special Windward kiosk on the 2nd floor.

Friday 12pm-8pm

Saturday 10am-8pm

Once Again Farm Location:

(808) 389-6966
41-829 Kakaina Street
Waimanalo, HI 96795


Follow us on Instagram for plant inspiration, local events, and promotions. Our nursery is blooming with ideas and waiting for you to add to your garden. For a snapshot of our upcoming pop-up and events, check out our schedule here.


Basic Care Guide for Succulents

Need help? Ask questions, we are happy to help!
DO NOT OVER WATER! The average plant requires watering a mere 2 to 3 times per month. This recommendation varies dependent upon conditions and environment. Do not spritz or sprinkle, water thoroughly until the soil is wet. Allow planting medium to dry out completely between watering cycles.
The average amount of sunlight a plant needs is 5 to 6 hours per day. It does not have to be direct light, as bright indirect light is favorable. All plants prefer being outdoors, however, there are quite a few that are able to flourish indoors – ask us which ones!

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